Saturday, August 9, 2008

Body Language- A quick view

Meaning of Gestures

Body gestures are very
important in interviews. Each gesture has meaning. Below is a list of common gestures and gestures dos and don'ts.

Body Gesture 1: leaning forward

If you are sitting at your desk having a conversation with someone and he learns towards you. The meaning of this gesture is that this person is either leaving or about to ask a question. He has something on his mind and is no longer paying full attention to what you are saying.

Body Gesture 2: crossing arms

You and I are having a conversation, we are sitting down and there is not a desk or table between us. We are facing directly towards each other. As you are speaking I cross or fold my arms.This is a common body gesture and itis a negative body gesture that say that I am either bored or unimpressed with what you are saying. If you are trying to convince me of something, then you are failing because folding arms is a defense body gesture that says I'm not taking in whatever you are saying.

Body Gesture 3: crossing legs towards you

You are sitting on a couch or sofa alongside someone. The other person crosses his legs towards you. This is a subtle body gesture that means the person crossing legs is keeping it casual. If the person crosses his or her legs towards you then he or she is trying to keep a little distance between you and him or her. If he or she crosses his or her legs away from you, then he or she is trying to move closer to you and away from the person on the other side.

Body Gesture 4: hands and palms up

You are talking to someone and as you explain your ideas you put out both hands and palms up. Putting both hands and palms up is a good body gesture when explaining because it shows clarification as in you have nothing to hide. You are opening up all that you have to the other person.

Body Gesture 5: ear pulling, eye pulling, collar pulling

You are attending a seminar. The presenters use some of these body gestures such as ear pulling, eye pulling and collar pulling. These basic body gestures suggest lack of confidence and nervousness. Anyone fidgeting with ears, eyes, or collars or fingers while giving a presentation shows that he or she is nervous and not too comfortable talking or presenting.

Body Gesture 6: sitting with hands on knees

You observe a person in a meeting edge towards the front of his chair. Sitting with hands on knees, he seems about to stand. This sitting body gestures means that this person is about to leave and getting ready to get up.

Body Gesture 7: hand gesture & facial gesture

Someone has been asked a question and before replying they stroke their chin. This body and facial gesture suggests that they are contemplating and thinking before answering. This facial and hand gesture is used often especially when the person does not really know the answer and needs to think hard. Stroking the chin could also mean that the person is not really getting the question and needs to think about what to say next.

In an interview, it is best to not stroke chin because it can also be viewed as rude. Sometimes, stroking your chin before answering means you think you are more superior than the interviewer and wiser. Stroking anything is inappropriate in interviews.

Friday, August 8, 2008



So you're not drunk and you've made the effort to polish your shoes. Good effort. Your manner and your dress sense certainly say a lot about you, but your body could still let you down. So sit up straight, and let this blog help you send out the right signals.

An equal handshake

This is a tough one to call when greeting someone for the first time, but if you can mirror their grip it avoids any dominant/submissive vibes.

Relax into your chair

The way you sit conveys a lot of subtle information to the people on the other side of the desk. So don't take the seat like it's Old Sparky, instead use a moment to get comfortable. If you look relaxed, it'll encourage your interviewer/s to feel at ease in your company. Just be careful not to take it to extremes, and kick back like you're at home on the sofa. Flipping the chair round and straddling it is also perhaps just a little too cocksure.

Maintain eye contact

Keep it true and steady, but remember to blink. To avoid that staring-like-a-serial-killer mistake, form a mental triangle on your interviewer's forehead and make sure that your gaze doesn't drop below eye level. Any further south and things start to get a bit intimate, an interest in their mouth may persuade them to think you're hitting on them.

Steer your body

Crossing your legs loosely is fine if it makes you feel happier, especially if you're wearing a skirt, but if you can 'point' at the interviewer with your knees or your feet it shows you're focused right in on them.

Use your hands

If you can be physically expressive as you speak it shows a certain confidence in the stuff you're saying. Use your hands to roll out your answers or give shape to your ideas, and at the very least your interviewer will think you know what you're talking about.


Dhoni sweeps past Sachin as top earner...!


Who's the top earner among Indian sportspersons? For almost two decades, that's been a no-brainer. Sachin Tendulkar, beloved icon of a nation, first choice of corporates seeking celebrity endorsers, has consistently topped the charts. But that now seems to have changed - and how.

Sources within the sports management industry claim Indian One-day and Twenty20 skipper MS Dhoni is expected to earn up to Rs 50 crore this year. In comparison, Tendulkar will be making around Rs 35 crore.

Both Dhoni and Tendulkar reportedly charge around the same amount for ads. "Their price tags can go up to Rs 4 crore each for every endorsement they sign," a source close to both said. But Dhoni is said to have pulled ahead of the master blaster in terms of the number of brands endorsed.

Name Ad fee IPL fee BCCL pay

MS Dhoni 35-40 6 3
Sachin Tendulkar 25-30 4 3
Rahul Dravid 18 4 3
Yuvraj Singh 12 4 3
* Figures in Rs crore per year



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Sunday, July 27, 2008

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Thursday, July 24, 2008


Winning any stranger in few minutes….!

Wouldn't it be nice to know how to have someone think admiringly of you immediately? Wouldn't it be great to make a new buddy in less than 30 minutes? Wouldn't it be super if you met someone, be it a man or woman, and you realize that you liked them instantly, you decide that you want to have them as a friend? You can do it! Just follow these steps.

Things You’ll Need:

  • A nice outfit or a neat and clean outfit.
  • A winning smile.
  • Knowing the same people.
  • Business Cards, if possible.
  • A good "Farewell" exit.

step 1:A Nice Outfit

When you meet someone for the first time, and you feel drawn to them as a friend or for whatever reason, you would want that person to at least notice you and have a calm feeling about you. When you wear nice clothes, or at least very neat and clean clothes, and you look friendly, your chances are good that the person may open up to you.

step 2: A Winning Smile

I am very attracted to people that smile. I can't help myself. I feel like they have a beautiful life when they sport a smile. If you would like to win someone over in a short amount of time, bring on your best sincere smile. Make it warm, not fake. Make your eyes twinkle with your smile. Keep your eyes focused on that person and present yourself if possible. Say something like, "How are you today?" or "How are you? Do I know you?" If they say something like, "I don't believe so," you can immediately introduce yourself.

step 3:Knowing the Same People

A great way to grab their attention is to ask them about kindred. If their last name is Doe, say something like, "Are you related to John Doe, the gentleman that owns that fruit market (or whatever business they have). When you do something like this, it is a compliment - it lets the person know you are interested in being their friend.

step 4:Keep Business Cards Handy

Keep a business card handy. This is a way for them to remember you. It is also great if you can bring up subjects to find out what the person is interested in. Whatever it is that you both are interested in say, "You like that too? That's great! I know how you feel" Then try to think of a quick story or incident that goes with whatever that person's hobby or job is. Keep the smile on your face.

step 5:The Farewell

The farewell should be memorable. If you feel the vibe is great, extend your hand to them gently, and say, "Gee (Theier name), it was such a pleasure meeting you. I certainly hope we meet again! If you need anything, here's my card. Give me a call! It was great meeting you!"

Please know that all circumstances will be different when meeting new people. Also, you may see someone that you would like to get to know as a person, but they might not be interested in meeting anyone at that time. In these cases it is best not to force an issue. Party settings or social gatherings are good usually when meeting someone or introducing yourself to someone. Sometimes you can meeting someone even in the grocery store, it just all depends on certain circumstances, like time of day or evening for example. Please go with your gut feeling. If a person looks or acts like they don't want to be bothered, it's best to leave them alone. Good luck friend, and thanks for reading!